How to Improve Cursor Pointer Visibility on Windows 10

Having trouble seeing the mouse pointer as you move around the screen or distinguishing the cursor when you enter text in a document? Don’t worry: Windows 10 lets you easily change their size, thickness and even color!


  • Change the Cursor Size in Windows 10
  • Change the Color of the Pointer
  • Increase the Thickness of the Pursor

With the continuous increase in the definition and size of computer screens, the elements displayed in the Windows interface have the unfortunate tendency to visually shrink. This phenomenon, which is already noticeable on Full HD screens (1920 x 1080 pixels), especially on laptops of 15 inches or less, is even more pronounced on very large screens, whether they are giant monitors (28 inches or more) or ultraportable screens. The pixels are so numerous and so small that it sometimes becomes difficult to read the texts of the icons and windows, even with good eyes!

Even worse is the mouse pointer – the arrow, which turns into a cross or a hand, depending on the operation – which is very difficult to distinguish, especially when it takes the form of a cursor for text input. And without even mentioning very large screens or HD, it is sometimes difficult to find when it is white on a white background – or black on a black background – even when you have no vision problems.

Fortunately, Microsoft has thought about this problem and has included settings in the Windows 10 settings to improve the visibility of the cursor. A simple and quick operation, with immediate effect!

How to Change the Size of  The Cursor in Windows 10?

  • On your Windows 10 PC, right-click on the Start menu, at the bottom left of the taskbar, then, in the menu that appears, click on Settings.
  • In the window that appears, click on the Ergonomics Options section, scrolling down if everything is not immediately visible.
  • The contents of the window change. In the left column, click on the Cursor and Pointer section.
  • The contents of the right-hand section change.
  • To enlarge the pointer symbol (of the mouse or touchpad), drag the cursor in theChange Pointer Size section to the right. The setting appears as a number above the ruler, and the arrow symbolizing the pointer grows almost immediately.

Be careful, as you can see, the pointer can quickly become gigantic! Note that this setting affects the arrow as well as the other shapes of the pointer, such as the cross, the hand or the text cursor. It’s up to you to determine the value that best suits your screen and your view…

How to Change the Color of the Pointer in Windows 10?

Always in the same settings window and in the same section, you can change the color of the mouse pointer.

  • Under the lineChange pointer color, four icons are displayed: just click on one of them so that the corresponding thumbnail is checked and the pointer adopts the appearance presented.
  • White Pointer: The pointer is always white.
  • Black Pointer: The pointer is always black.
  • Black and white pointer: the pointer automatically changes color, from black to white to gray, and even with "blends", depending on the background.
  • Colored pointer: when you select this option, a small palette of colors appears under the thumbnails and you just have to click on one of the seven proposed colors to apply it.
  • In the case of the colored pointer, if the proposed palette does not suit you, click on the + Choose a "custom" pointer color button.
  • A window appears with a complete color chart. Click on "an area of the rectangle" and adjust the brightness with "the horizontal slider" underneath to determine a hue that suits your taste. Click on the More "menu" to display numeric fields for entering precise values (in RGB, for example). Click the Done button to confirm your choice.

Again, all changes are reflected in real time and affect all pointer shapes (arrow, cross, hand, etc.).

How to Increase the Thickness of the Cursor in Windows 10?

It is still in the same settings window and in the same section that you can change the thickness of the cursor when entering text.

  • Under the previous settings, go to the section Improve cursor visibility when typing.
  • Move the horizontal slider to increase the thickness of the mouse cursor. Again, a numerical value is displayed above the line for greater precision. And you can see the cursor thicken in the frame containing the lettersabc, on the left.
  • The effect is also immediate: you can run parallel tests in a text processing program (Windows Notepad, for example) to judge the result and fine-tune your settings.

Now you know everything you need to know about changing the appearance and visibility of the pointer and cursor!