How to Preview A .svg Images in Windows 11/10?

I’m currently working on the redesign of the website of Sciences Humaines magazine. I am currently integrating the webdesign of the new site: basically, I transform the design of the pages into HTML code that will be read in the web browser. I have many images on my PC that will be displayed on the … Read more

How to Install Windows 11 without An Internet Connection?

You want to install Windows 11 without an Internet connection? It is possible! There is indeed a workaround that allows you to install Windows 11 without an Internet connection thanks to a simple command line. Here is how to do it. Contents Microsoft now requires an Internet connection to install Windows 11Installing Windows 11 without … Read more

How to Change System Product Name in Windows 11

From the settings of Windows 11, you can now know the name of the system product. In other words, it is the name of your computer model. You can find it under the name of your computer. If you don’t like the system product name that was assigned by default, you can easily change it. … Read more

How to Cast Android Screen to A Windows 11 PC

There are several ways to cast  Android screen on a Windows 11 PC. One of them is to use the “Wireless Display” function (application “Connect”). The latter allows you to cast the screen of your Android smartphone on a Windows 11 computer. This can be useful for example to broadcast photos, videos or present an … Read more

Clone Mac Hard Drive to SSD with Carbon Copy Cloner

Some things macOS has always done better than Windows, including the complete cloning of the Mac hard drive. This is basically possible with the Disk Utility. However, this is not very convenient, especially since the APFS file system can cause problems here: Both drives must be formatted under APFS, which may not make sense in … Read more

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MacBook Pro Screen Black? How to Fix

For many users, a Macbook from Apple is an absolute dream device. No wonder: The devices are robust, durable and have powerful and enduring batteries that are still good after many years. In terms of performance, a Macbook – even in the smallest version – is always snappy enough for everyday tasks thanks to the … Read more

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How to Remove Onedrive from Windows 11/10

OneDrive, Microsoft’s online storage service, is one of the building blocks of Windows, to save your files without thinking about it. But if you don’t use it or use it very little, nothing prevents you from uninstalling it. Contents Uninstall OneDrive from Windows Reinstall OneDrive on Windows Initially designed as an online service accessible through … Read more