How to install a VPN on Windows 10?

A VPN is a computer network designed to link several computers together. To this end, it creates a secure connection that preserves the anonymity of users. Under Windows 10, it is possible to install a VPN and configure its settings. Installing a VPN provides several major benefits. Let’s zoom in on the process of installing … Read more

How to Remove PIN and password from Windows 10 or 11

Tired of entering your user account PIN or password every time you start your Windows 10 or 11 PC? Here’s how to do away with it and log in automatically. Contents Remove the PIN from a Windows session Remove the access password from a Windows session If you use a PC running Windows 10 or … Read more

How to Disable Cortana on Windows 11

Are you using Cortana, Microsoft’s smart virtual assistant integrated into Windows 11? If its presence bothers you, you can hide it or even disable it. Contents How to disable Cortana via Windows 11 settings? How to completely disable Cortana with Registry Editor? Cortana is the “intelligent” virtual assistant from Microsoft. Similar to Apple’s Siri and … Read more

How to Change the Wallpaper and Screensaver on Windows 11

Want to customize the Windows interface a little? Choose an image or a slideshow to display in the background of the desktop. You can even use a screensaver for periods of inactivity! Contents Choose a background image Change the background via the settings Change the screensaver It is natural to want to personalize your computer, … Read more

How to Disable Camera (webcam) and Microphone in Windows 11

Worried about being spied on via your PC’s camera or microphone? Instead of hiding them with accessories, disable them in the Windows settings. You can easily reactivate them if needed. Contents Disable the webcam Disable the microphone Reactivate the webcam or the microphone You’ve probably already heard of webcam blackmail. It is a well-known scam … Read more

How to Manage Windows 10 Updates with Windows Update

Windows is constantly evolving, with updates coming at a rapid pace. So get into the habit of monitoring them so you don’t miss out on an important patch or a major version of Microsoft’s system. Contents Identify updates Check for and install updates Schedule updates Check for installed updates Uninstalling updates Keeping your operating system … Read more

How to Customize or Remove the Widget on Windows 10

Since a recent update, Windows integrates a widget in the taskbar. Useful to stay in touch with the news, it can however be annoying. But you can take control of it and even remove it. Contents Customize the News widget Disable the News widget The graphical interface of Microsoft’s system evolves in small steps with … Read more

Customizing Windows 10 File Explorer

An essential element of Windows, File Explorer is not fixed. It has many customization options allowing you to adapt it to your needs, your tastes and your habits. Follow the guide! Contents Organize the main window Change the content of the navigation pane Change the appearance of the displayed elements It’s been around for so … Read more

How to Preview A .svg Images in Windows 11/10?

I’m currently working on the redesign of the website of Sciences Humaines magazine. I am currently integrating the webdesign of the new site: basically, I transform the design of the pages into HTML code that will be read in the web browser. I have many images on my PC that will be displayed on the … Read more