How to Find the Mouse Pointer in Windows

Do you often have trouble locating the mouse pointer on your PC screen? A simple setting in Windows 10 or 11 will allow you to find it instantly if needed!

There are small things that annoy us on a daily basis. Like the fact that you can’t find the mouse pointer – or the touchpad – on the PC screen. Nothing serious, of course, but the search for the famous arrow is often time consuming. Of course, there are ways to avoid this in Windows 10 and 11. You can change the size and color of the pointer to make it more visible. But you can also find it easily at any time by using a simple key on the keyboard! This function is almost as effective as the one implemented in macOS that allows you to momentarily enlarge the pointer by waving the mouse!

  • On your PC, right-click onthe Start menu at the bottom of the taskbar, and then, in the menu that appears, click onSettings.
  • In theSettings window that appears, click on the headingDevices (in Windows 10) or Bluetooth and devices (in Windows 11).
  • The contents of the window change. In the left-hand column, click onMouse.
  • Scroll down the right side of the window to theRelated Settings section, then clickAdditional Mouse Options.
  • A new window, titledMouse Properties, opens. Click on thePointer Options tab.
  • Checkthe box in front ofShow pointer location when I press the CTRL key at the bottom of the window and clickOK to confirm.

From now on, all you have to do is briefly press the Ctrl key on your keyboard to display an animated circle showing the exact position of the pointer on the screen, regardless of the software you are using. Practical, isn’t it?