How to Hide Some Desktop Icons on Windows 10

You don’t want everyone to be able to see the items you have placed on your PC’s desktop? Two clicks are enough to hide all the icons on Windows 10 at once. And make them reappear when you need them!

The Windows Desktop is a very practical (virtual) space. Not only can you decorate it with a background image – a wallpaper, a wallpaper or a background image, according to its different denominations – to your liking, to personalize your screen, but you can also use it as a place for your computer to work.But, above all, you can place shortcuts to files, folders and software to access them quickly with a double-click, without having to go through the tree structure of your disk.

However, if, like many people, you tend to place numerous items on it over time, without cleaning it up regularly, it can quickly become a mess, to the detriment of readability. But, above all, you run the risk of leaving documents or applications that you don’t want to show to everyone clearly visible. This is the case, for example, when you show your screen to colleagues or relatives. Or, even worse, when you give a presentation in a professional setting with a TV or projector connected to your computer – which can lead to embarrassing situations…

To avoid prying eyes, or simply to hide confidential items, the easiest solution is to hide some or all desktop icons on Windows 10. Not only is the manipulation quick, but it is not permanent. You can thus "clean" the desktop just for the time of a meeting and find it in its initial state afterwards.

Two clicks are enough to hide  some icons on Windows 10 desktop.

  • To hide the icons displayed on the desktop, right-click onan empty area of the desktop.
  • In the context menu that appears, place the cursor onView.
  • A cascading submenu appears. Click Show Desktop Items to uncheck this option.
  • The desktop is instantly cleared of all its icons! Don’t worry, they haven’t been deleted, just hidden.
  • To find the desktop icons, perform the same operation and activate the Show desktop items option. All the icons will reappear in their original place!