How to Completely Remove Office 365 from Registry Windows 10?

Have you decided to uninstall Office 365 from your Windows 10 computer? While the regular uninstallation process may remove most of the Office 365 files, there can still be residual traces left behind in the Windows Registry. These remnants can take up valuable storage space and sometimes interfere with the installation of a new version … Read more

Which Version Of Microsoft Office Works With Windows 10?

Video Tutorial:Is Office 19 compatible with Windows 10? Which Office version is free for Windows 10? Microsoft offers a free version of Office for Windows 10 users, known as Office Online. Here are the reasons and steps to access this free version: 1. Compatibility: Office Online is compatible with Windows 10, making it an ideal … Read more

How to Manually Configure Outlook for Office 365 Windows 10?

**Introduction** Configuring Outlook for Office 365 on Windows 10 is a crucial step for users who want to access their Office 365 email accounts on their desktop client. This tutorial will guide you through the steps to manually configure Outlook for Office 365 on Windows 10. By following these steps, you’ll be able to set … Read more

How to Unlock Password Protected Excel File without Password

In the Internet information age, people are more sensitive to information security, but also very important. So, in order to prevent Excel documents are not authorized to view or modify, many Excel users are accustomed to encrypt Excel documents, such as document viewing password or read-only password, worksheet and workbook protection, etc., But it is … Read more

5 Free Ways to Remove Password from Word Document

word password

Undoubtedly, Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing application on this planet. There are a lot of useful features you can take advantage during document editing. Among them there is an option known as editing restriction or password protection. This prevents unauthorized users opening or editing the Word file. Sometimes you may forget Word … Read more

Forgot MS Word Password? 4 New Tips to Recover Word Password

word password

Word document (DOC/DOCX) can be password protected by default. If you did not have the correct password, then it becomes impossible to read the content inside that Word file. This was not notable issue in early days as the encryption algorithm was weak. The password could be recovered easily with the right password cracking software. … Read more

5 Actionable Tips to Remove Password from Excel File

remove Excel passowrd

Excel spreadsheet files usually have multi-level protections. This is  quite helpful in order to protect the sensitive information stored in these files. However, you might forget Excel password when it is being used less frequently. In such a case, it becomes impossible even to open the file. In other cases, you just want to remove … Read more