How to Limit Mobile Data Usage on Android

Even though data volume from carrier is getting more and more comfortable, limiting your data usage on Android is still useful in some cases to keep you safe from unpleasant surprises. Here are all the tips you need to control your data usage and limit it if necessary. Nowadays, many of you have plans that … Read more

How to Cast Android Screen to A Windows 11 PC

There are several ways to cast  Android screen on a Windows 11 PC. One of them is to use the “Wireless Display” function (application “Connect”). The latter allows you to cast the screen of your Android smartphone on a Windows 11 computer. This can be useful for example to broadcast photos, videos or present an … Read more

How to Rotate A Video in Android?

Yesterday, a friend of mine passed me some concert videos filmed from his smartphone. Unfortunately, he filmed while holding his phone horizontally and when I tried to play the video on my Android smartphone, a Huawei P9 lite, the video was not in the right direction… Not very practical, especially since on a regular computer … Read more

How to Disable Sounds in Facebook App for Android or iOS?

My wife recently changed her phone, a Samsung Galaxy S22 running Android. Nothing to say about the phone itself, she quickly reinstalled all her Android applications thanks to my advice in the article How to find and reinstall lost or deleted Android applications? She was also able to set up her Hotmail mailbox on her … Read more