How do I locate my lost or stolen iPhone?

You have just lost your iPhone? Even worse, your smartphone has been stolen? Don’t panic, Apple has everything planned! Indeed, you may have a chance to find your lost or stolen iPhone thanks to geolocation and the Locate application. In this article, I explain you the whole procedure to geolocate your iPhone and finally get … Read more

How to Block A Phone Number on Your iPhone

You want to block a phone number on your iPhone, but you don’t know how to do it? Are you tired of hidden numbers calling you? In this article, we will see together how to block a number on your iPhone and how not to be disturbed by unknown numbers. Let’s go! Summary Block a … Read more

How to Remote Control Mac from iPhone

iphone and Mac are an ideal duo. Also because the Mac can be wonderfully controlled remotely with the smartphone. Whether it’s media content or computer management, you can access your Mac on the go with your iPhone – as long as you use the right app and keep a few setup steps in mind.   … Read more

7 Ways to Reset A Blocked or Locked iPhone

Your iPhone is stuck on its screen and does not respond or does not turn on. Follow this complete tutorial and discover how to easily reset your locked iPhone. It happens very often that your iPhone is stuck on a screen that no longer responds, a screen with the Apple logo, a black screen for … Read more

How to Remove Remote Management (MDM) on iPhone/iPad

iOS supports MDM(Mobile Device Management ), also known as mobile device management or remote management in French. This method allows you to implement iOS device management by installing profiles in the operating system. It is most commonly used in enterprises and campuses for centralized and secure management purposes. Can an MDM such as the Lightspeed … Read more

How to Cancel the Automatic Renewal of Subscription on the App Store

It is possible from an iPhone or an iPad to subscribe to a number of different services from the AppleApp Store: newspaper or magazine subscriptions, game subscriptions, SVOD subscriptions(Netflix, CanalPlay, HBO Now, OCS, Molotov TV, Amazon Prime etc.), streaming subscriptions… As far as music is concerned, even if Spotify is the major player in USA … Read more

How to Turn on Emergency SOS on iPhone

When you make a call on iPhone through Emergency SOS, iPhone¬† dials the local emergency number automatically. In some countries and regions, you may need to select the service you need. For example, you can select Police, Fire, or Ambulance in Hong Kong. You can also add emergency contacts. When an emergency call ends, iPhone … Read more