How to Display and Use Checkboxes in Windows 10

Having trouble selecting and manipulating files in Windows Explorer using the classic method? Test the checkboxes, an unknown option of the system which could help you…

The mouse is a handy accessory for manipulating files and folders in the graphical interface of an operating system like Windows. But the touchpad is much less convenient. Especially when it comes to making multiple selections with several non-contiguous files.

If you are uncomfortable with these operations, there is a solution: check boxes. Microsoft has indeed integrated this selection mode inspired by that of graphical interfaces for mobile devices. But the function is a bit hidden in the system options, and never activated by default. Here is the opportunity to discover it, and, maybe, to adopt it…

How to Display Checkboxes in Windows 10?

  • On your Windows 10 PC, open the File Explorer, by clicking on its icon (the yellow folder with a blue bar) in the taskbar.
  • In the window that opens, click onView, in the top menu.
  • In the ribbon that opens, click onItem Checkboxes, on the right.

That’s it! The effect is immediate and the display of the window content changes immediately !

How to Use Checkboxes in Windows 10 Explorer?

Once the option is activated, checkboxes appear in all Windows Explorer windows, to the left of files and folders, when you hover over them with the mouse pointer, regardless of the display mode chosen (Details, List, Small Icons, etc.).

  • To select an item, move the mouse over it to make the box appear and click on it to check it. The item is then highlighted.
  • If you need to select several files, even if they are not contiguous, repeat the operation as many times as necessary. Be careful not to click anywhere else in the meantime: you will lose your selection, as is the case with the traditional method.
  • When your selection is complete, you can perform the usual manipulations with the mouse or the touchpad, whether to delete, copy or move files and folders. Again, as always, be careful not to release the button too soon or you’ll have to start all over again…