How to Change System Product Name in Windows 11

From the settings of Windows 11, you can now know the name of the system product. In other words, it is the name of your computer model. You can find it under the name of your computer. If you don’t like the system product name that was assigned by default, you can easily change it. In this tutorial, I will explain how to change system product name in Windows 11. Follow the guide!

What’s The System Product Name?

The system product name refers to the model name of your computer. By default, the manufacturer (OEM) of your computer specifies the system product name. For example, if you have a Dell Inspiron 15 3000 PC, you will see Inspiron 15 3000 under your computer’s name in Windows 11 settings. On the other hand, if you have assembled your PC yourself, Windows 11 will usually show the model name of your motherboard.

How to Change System Product Name in Windows 11

If you want to change the name of the system product visible in Windows 11 settings, you need to go through the Registry Editor. This will allow you to replace the default value with a custom name of your choice. Here is how to do it.

1. Start by opening the Registry Editor. To do this, press Windows + R on your keyboard, then in the Run dialog box, type regedit and validate with "OK" or Enter.

2. From the Registry Editor, go to the following key and create a new "String Value".


3. Name this new string value: Model

4. Double-click on the new "Model" value, then in "Value data", type the name you want to be displayed under your computer name and validate with "OK".

That’s it! Now you can close the Registry Editor and open the Settings application (Windows + i) to see the result. Under the name of your computer, you should see the value of the product name you set in step 4.

If for some reason you want to display the default name, simply remove the string value "Model". To do this, right-click on it, select "Delete" from the context menu and confirm with "Yes".