How to Remove PIN and password from Windows 10 or 11

Tired of entering your user account PIN or password every time you start your Windows 10 or 11 PC? Here’s how to do away with it and log in automatically.


  • Remove the PIN from a Windows session
  • Remove the access password from a Windows session

If you use a PC running Windows 10 or 11, you may have noticed that Microsoft now requires a systematic identification at each login, either with a password or with a PIN code, shorter but just as secure, or even more. If this step guarantees an excellent security, by preventing anyone from accessing your computer without your agreement – and especially in your absence -it can also be a pain and even annoying if you are the only one to use your PC, especially if it is a tower that you never move.

Fortunately, if you are not afraid of intrusion, you can perfectly well do without this systematic verification by configuring Windows so that you no longer have to enter the password or PIN code linked to your account each time. The operation, which is very simple – it doesn’t require any complicated settings or a single line of code – takes place in two steps: First, you need to remove the PIN associated with your session, and then remove the request to enter your Microsoft account password to access your session. Note that deactivating the password only concerns the login: you will still be asked to enter it to access your Microsoft account online, for example. Beware that after this operation – fortunately reversible – anyone in front of your PC will be able to access its contents without any difficulty. So, only remove this security if you are really sure of yourself.

The following steps are performed under Windows 11, but they are identical with Windows 10, only the appearance of the windows changes.

How to remove the PIN code from a Windows session?

The PIN code is made of several numbers. You have defined it during the installation of Windows. It replaces the Microsoft account password to allow a faster unlocking of a Windows session. You can delete it quickly.

Press Win + I on the keyboard. In the Windows Settings panel, click Accounts in the left column. Then, in the central part of the window, pull down the Connection Options menu.

Among the various options offered, click on PIN (Windows Hello). Click on the Delete button next to the line Delete this login option.

If the Delete button is grayed out, scroll down the options window. In the Additional Settings section, uncheck the For added security, only allow Windows Hello login for Microsoft accounts on this device (recommended) option. Go back by clicking on the arrow at the top left of the window and then access the login options again. The Delete PIN button is now available. Click on it.

Windows will inform you of the benefits of using a PIN code and the consequences of deleting it. Click on Delete again.

Now you have to enter your Microsoft account password to confirm the PIN removal.

Now that you’ve gotten rid of the PIN, you can remove the user account password entry to access your Windows session.

How to remove the password to access a Windows session?

If you have followed the previous steps, you may notice (after a reboot for example) that Windows asks you to enter the password associated with your Microsoft account to access your session. Here is how to get rid of this step in order to automatically open your session.

Press Win + R on the keyboard. The Run window will appear. Type Netplwiz in the Open field and click OK.

A new window called User Accounts is displayed. It shows all the user accounts installed on this PC. In this list, select the Microsoft account for which you do not want to require a password to log on. Then uncheck the box Users must enter a username and password to use this computer and click OK.

Enter the password for your account and confirm it in the Automatically log in dialog box that appears and validate.

All windows will close. Restart your PC. Your Windows session will open automatically without any intervention from you.

Remove PIN and password from Windows 10 or 11


Remove the PIN code from a Windows session
Remove the access password to a Windows session

If you are using a PC running Windows 10 or 11, you may have noticed that Microsoft now requires you to remove your…

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