How to Hide Notch on Macbook Pro

The new MacBook Pro gets attention for its performance, but not only that. Their design has also generated a lot of discussion. In fact, Apple made some small changes to the new MacBook Pro models by adding a notch. So far, this feature has been reserved only for the brand’s smartphones. If the presence of this notch doesn’t bother most users, some will find it annoying. These users can use the TopNotch app to solve their problems. The latter allows you to make the notch disappear from the new MacBook Pro.

Hide the notch on Macbook Pro with TopNotch

After discovering the screen design of the new MacBook Pro, many users wondered about the existence of this notch. The Mountain View company explained its choice because it wanted to give users an always-large screen while retaining a camera system.

The brand’s intentions are commendable. However, the presence of the notch has caused problems for some users. If this is the case, you may choose to use TopNotch.

This is a macOS app designed to hide the notch on the MacBook Pro. To do this, TopNotch hides it with a black bar that will occupy the entire top of the screen. This bar will contain the menu bar, allowing you to access advanced options for your MacBook Pro.

Discover its features

TopNotch is an application that has several features. Once you have adopted it, you will discover, among other things, the support for dynamic macOS desktop wallpapers. We also appreciate the fact that TopNotch works with multiple screens and spaces.

On the other hand, the application can run in the background. Finally, it promises permanent and systematic monitoring of wallpaper changes.

TopNotch application interface

How to install TopNotch?

TopNotch is an application that you can download from the developer’s official website. It is completely free to download. The application has a simplified interface that makes it very easy to use. As far as compatibility is concerned, TopNotch works perfectly with macOS 11.0 and later versions.

Now you know what to do if the sight of the notch on your MacBook Pro bothers you. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should give up on the idea of having a bigger screen.