How to Customize or Remove the Widget on Windows 10

Since a recent update, Windows integrates a widget in the taskbar. Useful to stay in touch with the news, it can however be annoying. But you can take control of it and even remove it. Contents Customize the News widget Disable the News widget The graphical interface of Microsoft’s system evolves in small steps with … Read more

Customizing Windows 10 File Explorer

An essential element of Windows, File Explorer is not fixed. It has many customization options allowing you to adapt it to your needs, your tastes and your habits. Follow the guide! Contents Organize the main window Change the content of the navigation pane Change the appearance of the displayed elements It’s been around for so … Read more

How to Limit Mobile Data Usage on Android

Even though data volume from carrier is getting more and more comfortable, limiting your data usage on Android is still useful in some cases to keep you safe from unpleasant surprises. Here are all the tips you need to control your data usage and limit it if necessary. Nowadays, many of you have plans that … Read more

How to Block A Phone Number on Your iPhone

You want to block a phone number on your iPhone, but you don’t know how to do it? Are you tired of hidden numbers calling you? In this article, we will see together how to block a number on your iPhone and how not to be disturbed by unknown numbers. Let’s go! Summary Block a … Read more

How to Hide Notch on Macbook Pro

The new MacBook Pro gets attention for its performance, but not only that. Their design has also generated a lot of discussion. In fact, Apple made some small changes to the new MacBook Pro models by adding a notch. So far, this feature has been reserved only for the brand’s smartphones. If the presence of … Read more

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How to Preview A .svg Images in Windows 11/10?

I’m currently working on the redesign of the website of Sciences Humaines magazine. I am currently integrating the webdesign of the new site: basically, I transform the design of the pages into HTML code that will be read in the web browser. I have many images on my PC that will be displayed on the … Read more

How to Install Windows 11 without An Internet Connection?

You want to install Windows 11 without an Internet connection? It is possible! There is indeed a workaround that allows you to install Windows 11 without an Internet connection thanks to a simple command line. Here is how to do it. Contents Microsoft now requires an Internet connection to install Windows 11Installing Windows 11 without … Read more

How to Change System Product Name in Windows 11

From the settings of Windows 11, you can now know the name of the system product. In other words, it is the name of your computer model. You can find it under the name of your computer. If you don’t like the system product name that was assigned by default, you can easily change it. … Read more