How to Reset Your Windows10 Computer to Factory Settings

You can reset Windows 10 and restore your computer or laptop to factory settings this way. To reset Windows 10, there are two ways as well as a good alternative. Our instructions will help you.

Reset Windows 10 to Factory Settings

The most convenient way to reset your computer or laptop is via the settings. For this, the installation of Windows must be on a separate partition. This is the case with most computers and notebooks, especially if Windows 10 was already pre-installed.

  1. Open the Windows settings with the key combination [Windows] + [i].
  2. Under the category \"Update and security\", you will find the entry \"Restore\" on the left.
  3. Here, under \"Reset this PC\", click \"Let’s go\".
  4. In the next step, you can decide whether your personal documents should also be deleted. If not, select the option \"Keep my files\".
  5. A list of all data that will be deleted during the reset will appear. Note that this includes installed updates. Finally, click \"Reset\".
  6. The process can take several minutes to hours. Be sure to wait until Windows has completed the reset.

Resetting Windows 10 via a New Installation

If you want to keep your data and reload Windows 10, there is also an alternative way. You perform this as follows:

  1. Open the Windows settings of your computer with the key combination [Windows] + [i].
  2. Click on \"Update and security\" and navigate to \"Restore\".
  3. Scroll down in the right window. Then press the notice \"Learn how to get started with a fresh installation of Windows\".
  4. If you see a window that says "Do you want to switch apps?", click"Yes". This will switch you to the Windows Security app.
  5. Press \"Getting started\" and confirm your step by clicking \"Yes\".
  6. Click on \"Next\".
  7. In the following window, all the applications that will be deleted by the reinstallation will be listed. Confirm this with \"Next\" as well.
  8. Start the process by clicking on \"Start\". Now your computer will reboot itself several times and reinstall Windows. The process may take at least 20 minutes depending on your device.

Reset Windows 10 via Media Creation Tool

Alternatively, you can reset Windows 10 via the free Media Creation Tool.

  1. Download the program for free at CHIP Online on your computer and install it.
  2. Then start the tool and follow the instructions to create an installation medium.
  3. Afterwards, you can directly start the reinstallation (the reset) of Windows 10.
  4. There, you choose whether you want to keep your personal data and apps during the reinstallation.
  5. Lastly, wait until the recovery is completely finished. Windows will then restart automatically.

Reinstall Windows 10 via ISO

If the instructions in the first paragraphs do not work, you can reinstall Windows 10 via an ISO file. However, all your data will be lost in the process.

  1. First, download the Windows 10 installation file. This is available in ISO format.
  2. If your system is still running stably, simply start the installation by double-clicking on the ISO file.
  3. Otherwise, the file can be installed via USB stick, external hard drive or DVD.