How to Remove Onedrive from Windows 11/10

OneDrive, Microsoft’s online storage service, is one of the building blocks of Windows, to save your files without thinking about it. But if you don’t use it or use it very little, nothing prevents you from uninstalling it.


  • Uninstall OneDrive from Windows
  • Reinstall OneDrive on Windows

Initially designed as an online service accessible through a Web browser, OneDrive – formerly known as SkyDrive – has since been completely integrated into Windows. In a few moments, it allows you to establish an automatic backup of the items on the Windows desktop, photos and documents saved on the PC. A process that, while it has the advantage of working autonomously, also requires the Internet connection in the background to perform regular updates. Not to mention the confusion it can cause for some people, between local files and remote elements…

Also, if you use OneDrive very little, or not at all, or if you prefer another online storage service such as Google Drive, kDrive or DropBox, you can very well do without its services without it disturbing the smooth running of Windows. Even though OneDrive is part of Windows, it is, after all, an application almost like any other. Moreover, by removing OneDrive from your PC, you won’t lose the data saved online and you’ll be able to continue accessing it through your usual web browser connected to the OneDrive site. Finally, if you miss the application, you can always reinstall it and use it as before.

Uninstalling OneDrive is done the same way whether you are using Windows 10 or Windows 11. Here’s how to do it.

How to uninstall OneDrive from Windows?

Just like all applications installed on your computer, OneDrive does not require complicated manipulations to clear the floor.

Access Windows settings by pressing the keyboard shortcut Win + i. In the window that appears, choose Applications in the left column and then Applications and Features in the middle pane.

On the page that appears, type "one" in the Applications List field or search for Microsoft OneDrive among the applications on your PC listed just below.

Click on the three vertical dots in the Microsoft OneDrive line and choose Uninstall.

A dialog box will appear telling you that the application and its associated information will be uninstalled. Confirm with a click on Uninstall. After a few seconds, OneDrive is uninstalled.

How to reinstall OneDrive on Windows?

Finally, OneDrive was more useful than you thought? You can reinstall it and enjoy all its services again.

Open your usual Internet browser and go to the Microsoft OneDrive page. Click on the Download button to retrieve the installation file.

Once the file is retrieved, launch the installation of OneDrive. This only takes a few seconds.

Once in place, you will find OneDrive as you left it. No need to reconnect your account. The operation is automatic and the synchronization of your files starts immediately.