How to Optimize Windows 10 for Video Games?

Windows 10 has become the preferred operating system for gamers around the world, and many tips exist to optimize Windows 10! Indeed, Microsoft’s product offers optimal performance and it was designed to offer concrete solutions that meet the needs of gamers. The best graphics cards on the market are available on Windows 10 and the system has even implemented a "gaming" mode to speed up the computer and allow the most demanding games to run on it.

The video game industry has become a leader in entertainment in the world: no wonder the computer industry is adapting to these new practices. Online games are often optimized to be as smooth as possible, as on the Betway platform, which has bet on an ergonomic interface to make navigation faster. However, it is important to know the necessary steps to boost the capabilities of your computer. What are these tricks to gain performance and speed? This is what we will see together, through a tutorial accessible to all!


Enable Windows 10 Game Mode

There is a very simple way to optimize gaming performance with Windows 10: the "Game" mode is designed for that! Indeed, it has been specially designed to speed up your computer and offer the best quality of game. But how to activate it?

  1. Start by pressing the Windows key + the letter "I", this should open a Windows settings window.
  2. Type "game mode" in the search bar and select " enable game mode ".
  3. Finally, check the corresponding box.

If your computer allows it, this mode will improve the frame rate and ensure a better gaming experience.

Update your graphics card drivers

This is a well-known trick, but one that will help you gain performance effectively! This is because graphics processor designers regularly update their solutions to ensure a better frame rate.

  1. To update all your drivers and get the latest version, go to your device manager by right-clicking on the Windows Start menu and selecting Device Manager.
  2. In the list, click on " Graphics Cards " and then right click on the one you want to update.
  3. Finally, select "Update Driver ".

Activatethe concentration wizard

We know that pop-ups and notification sounds are particularly annoying when they interrupt a busy game. But did you know that it is possible to disable them? Windows 10 has developed a tool called "concentration assistant", to allow you to play in peace.

So how do you go about activating it? Type " focus assistant " in the search bar at the bottom left of your screen and then select the mode you prefer: alarms only or priority only. The latter can be changed according to your personal preferences and what you don’t want to miss!


You can also prevent certain Windows 10 services or apps from running in the background. This maneuver will allow you to gain fluidity and speed, especially since some of these tasks can consume a good part of your system resources. To do this, nothing could be easier! Just follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Windows key + the letter "I" to open the Windows settings
  2. Type " background applications " in the search bar
  3. In the page that appears, deactivate the first button " allow applications to run in the background ".

This will give you a real performance boost during your gaming sessions!

Prevent Steam from updating while you play

If you play video games on Windows, then you are probably very familiar with the Steam platform! It is very convenient and user-friendly, however, its untimely updates can ruin a gaming session. Indeed, Steam can execute them in the middle of a game, which slows down your performance. To remove this option, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Launch Steam
  2. Click on the " Steam" tab, then go to " Settings" and click on " Downloads" .
  3. Finally, uncheck the "In-game downloads " box

You are now ready for your next game, with a smoother and faster system!