How to Stop A Program from Launching on Startup Windows 10

Perhaps you have already installed a program that launches itself after restarting your computer? Some publishers force the hand of users by running the program as soon as the computer starts. For some software, such as an antivirus utility or backup software, this can be legitimate. But for many, it is totally useless… The automatic … Read more

How to Fix: Video Dxgkrnl Fatal Error Windows 10

Recently, I encountered a serious problem with my laptop that runs Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10. The issue is: when I search for hardware changes from the Windows Device Manager, I almost instantly get a blue screen (the famous Windows Blue Screen Of Death), which means a total crash of the PC with the … Read more

How to Remove OneDrive from Windows 10 File Explorer?

OneDrive is the online file storage service (in what is commonly called the cloud) of Microsoft, which is also the publisher of Windows 10, its latest operating system. Practically, this type of service allows you to save your files (photos, videos, music, etc. …) and even share them easily. Microsoft through Windows 10, pushes a … Read more

How to Fix Hard Disk Error in Windows 10

The hard disk is a key component of the computer and it is strongly required to perform almost continuous reading and writing. It contains your operating system, your software, your data, in short, it is essential in computing.¬†Unfortunately, it may happen that your hard disk encounters problems which can manifest themselves by a slowdown of … Read more

How to Disable Account Control on Windows 11

Are you annoyed by the authorization requests that Windows displays when you install certain software? You can remove them by disabling the user account control. But watch out for your security! Contents What is the purpose of User Account Control? Disable UAC via the Control Panel Disable UAC via the Registry Editor You may have … Read more

4 Ways to Install Windows 11 on A Computer

If you have a PC with Windows 10, you can upgrade it to Windows 11 for free and legally, thanks to Microsoft’s official update. The operation is simple, fast and without risk! Contents Install Windows 11 with Windows Update Switch to Windows 11 with the Installation Wizard Install Windows 11 from a USB key Install … Read more

How to Partition a Hard Drive or SSD on Windows and Mac

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How to Disable Fast Startup on Windows 10

A bug persists on your PC, even when you turn it back on ? You can’t access the Bios ? Disable the fast startup to force Windows to stop and restart itself properly. Contents How does Windows fast startup¬† work ? Temporarily disable Windows Fast Startup Disable Windows 10 Fast Startup via the power options … Read more

How to Use Windows Update Repair Tool for Windows 10/11

A Windows update is stuck during its download or installation? Don’t panic: there are several ways to fix this problem. Summary Using the Windows Update repair tool Repair and restore system files Use Reset Windows Update Tool Windows Update is the Microsoft service that allows you to download and install system updates. Although it is … Read more