5 Free Tools to Create Windows 11 Bootable USB

run windows 11 on pc

Even though Windows 11 was officially unveiled on Oct 6 , it might not yet be available on some computer. One major reason is Microsoft plans to release Windows 11 in a stable peace to avoid public complaints when bugs or problems arose. Another reason is that your computer does not meet the minimal hardware … Read more

5 Easy Ways to Factory Reset Windows 11 PC

windows 11 factory reset

Windows 11 is now publicly available and we can see millions of devices are upgraded to Windows 11. As usual,  there are  bugs and errors associated with early version of Windows 11 stable. The same happened years back when Windows 10 was released. To fix the major bugs on Windows 11, it definitely takes time … Read more

How to Reset Windows 10 Password Using Command Prompt

Whatever the reason, forgetting Windows login password is such a bad thing, many people reluctantly choose to reinstall the system finally. In fact, in m opinion, rather than reinstalling Windows system, consider to reset the forgotten Windows 10 password using comment prompt, it may be difficult and risky for novices to use comment prompt, but … Read more