How to Use Unknown Functions of Windows 10 Explorer

Windows File Explorer is much richer than it seems. It has several simple and practical functions that can save you precious time on a daily basis. As long as you know them… Contents Manage images Manage music Share files Search for documents Windows 10’s File Explorer is not just for browsing your PC’s storage space: … Read more

Quick Guide: How to Take a Screenshot Windows 10:

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How to Open Control Panel on Windows 11/10/8/7/XP and Vista

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How to Reset Your Windows10 Computer to Factory Settings

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How to Install Windows 11 on Unsupported PC without TMP 2.0

this pc cannot run windows 11

Windows 11 is finally available to the general public. As you probably already know, Microsoft is strict about the configuration required to install it. The TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot standards are mandatory for a machine to be compatible. But there are tricks to get around these restrictions and we’ll show you them. This PC … Read more